About Us

Silver Lining Stuffies is a line of stuffed animals and companion books aimed at teaching children how to cope with mental health conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression. The narrative within each book focuses on normalizing their experiences through a community of relatable characters.
Our vision is that every child has the community and tools needed to achieve mental wellness.
At Silver Lining Stuffies, we value understanding, honesty, community, and imagination.

Understanding: We value listening to others and sharing experiences to create a more inclusive and comforting world

Honesty: We value openly discussing mental health to de-stigmatize conditions and normalize the experience

Community: We value building a community so that others know they are not alone and so that resources are shared

Imagination: We value play and imagination because children play to learn—and learn to express their feelings through imaginative play

Silver Lining Stuffies was founded by Sara Moore, who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at a young age. She is forever grateful to her family for getting her the treatment she needed and for being an unwavering source of support. She learned coping skills that she’s used throughout her life and hopes every child who needs them will use those same skills found in these books. Sara wants every child who has these same challenges to know that they are never alone. There exists a community of like-minded children and supportive adults in Silver Lining Stuffies.

We are starting with three products that address the top-three mental health conditions affecting children in the U.S. today: ADHD, anxiety, and depression. In the future, we hope to tackle other issues including bipolar, OCD, sexual assault, and other topics requested by the community.