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Silver Lining Stuffies

We’re a line of children’s books & companion stuffed animals fostering the development of healthy identities & mental well-being in young minds. The narrative within each book focuses on managing their emotions through a community of relatable characters.
We understand what they’re going through because we are too.

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Our Story

Silver Lining Stuffies is an approachable, personal toolkit that fosters imagination & play so that children can see themselves in stories, know they are never alone & discover their own methods for achieving mental wellness.

Our vision is that every child has the tools, skills & community needed to develop a healthy mindset. We value openly discussing mental health to de-stigmatize conditions & normalize the experience. We listen to others & share our experiences to create a more understanding & comforting world. We want everyone to have the ability to live a happy & healthy life no matter their unique experience.


Meet the stuffies!

Made in consultation with child psychologists and teachers, they each have their own unique journey towards mental wellness. They help children understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, while developing supportive relationships with one another.



"These books are amazing! 
The stories are relatable for many ages and provide great tools for kids
to use when they are struggling. The rhymes at the end are great mantras for
kids to use every day. Highly recommend as tools for therapists to
have in their offices and for parents to use at home."

Rebecca H., Licensed Therapist

"SLS has given us the perfect opening to address our daughter's situation-based anxiety. The books have many tools for coping and can be easily role-played with the help of Andie the elephant stuffed animal. This book & stuffie have been instrumental as we navigate mental wellness with our daughter. The mini-blanket from Andie's back pocket helps to soothe her during stressful situations."

Jennelle A., Mother

"Frankie & Gloob saved two of my students last school year. I am in love with this series! Great growth mindset books for kids. This teacher is a huge fan!"

Colleen D., 2nd Grade Teacher

"Such an amazing gift for children that struggle to communicate their feelings. I love having one in my classroom! Some of the best mental health books we’ve seen out there."

Jenna G., 1st Grade Teacher

“I used to have my daughter “give me” her worries before bedtime. Now she gives them to Andie and has less worries at night. It’s one of the best books on how to deal with anxiety we’ve read.”

Kathryn G., Mother

"I like how the books give you good ideas that you can actually use!"

Reagan, Age 10

“Sometimes I have worries at night & nightmares and Andie makes me feel better about them. He reminds me of the clear blue sky & happiness and that it's ok to be worried.”

Yahvi, Age 7