Recommended Early Reader Books For Children's Mental Health

Make early reader books the best friend of your child or students. 

As the world is evolving, our children are exposed to increasingly more information. Sometimes, these explorations can lead to a situation that can make a child anxious. Children are so well-versed with technology, and yet social media and news platforms are well-documented to give children and young adults anxiety. However, the merits that technology offers can not be avoided. This is where mental health tools for kids can play an important role in children’s lives. 

As kids are the world's future, we must take extra care of their mental health. If they feel anxious or suffer from any mental health condition in the early ages of their life, it is so important to learn how to manage it so that it doesn't worsen as they develop. There are many tools to manage childhood depression. But the most effective one is the mental health children's books. We will familiarize you with the best early reader books for children's mental health in this blog. Not only this, but we will also cover the following regarding early reader books

  • What Are Early Reader Books?
  • Best Early Reader Books For Children's Mental Health
  • What Makes An Early Reader Book A Good Book?

Let's begin!

What Are Early Reader Books?

Popular children’s books can vary from pleasing picture books to practical activity books. Although every book helps the child somehow, early reader books are quite different. Early readers contain a little bit of everything—from action-packed adventures and attainable mysteries to laugh-out-loud comedy and character-driven literature.

Early reader books are the "first" chapter books a kid may read. When divided into smaller chapters, early readers are an excellent approach to boosting young readers' confidence. While they are typically read by children aged 5 to 9, early readers may be enjoyed by everyone!

Best Early Reader Books For Children's Mental Health

Children's mental health books help us understand what causes anxiety as well as techniques for dealing with it on a daily basis. Many emotional, behavioral, and learning issues children confront are addressed in famous children's books. These books assist children in naming and comprehending difficult feelings and experiences. Here's a list of the best mental health books that interest your early readers.

Slow Down, Alfie!

An excellent introduction to a wide variety of feelings for little ones. This book helps children through the tough years between the ages of 4 and 10 to help them make sense of themselves and the world around them. Slow Down, Alfie! Illustrates how Alfie deals with an overactive mind and body. Read this book for overactive kids with a child in your life to help give them tools to slow down & focus better – with relaxation techniques for kids - together with Alfie. 

There is a myriad of mental health children's books out there, and this is one of the best. This book deals with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). In this book, Alfie enjoys playing in the forest with his friends. However, Alfie occasionally plays too rough, faces stress, and struggles to focus.

Slow Down, Alfie! depicts Alfie's reaction to a hyperactive mind and body. Read this book with hyperactive children in your life to help teach them tools to calm down and focus better - with relaxation methods for kids.

Andie & The Worries

It's frightening as a parent to witness a child struggle with anxiety. Many will be nervous about life opening up again and returning to school after spending so much time at home in the pandemic. Anxiety books for kids are an excellent approach to help anxious kids and initiate discussions about mental health in general. This is where Andie the elephant will raise your eyebrow, as it is one of the best early reader books

Andie the elephant, lives in the jungle with friends and family. But Andie is worried - a lot. Andie & the Worries portrays Andie's approach to dealing with anxiety. Andie can put worry aside with friends and family by digging a "worry hole" and practicing mindfulness. Thus, this anxiety book for kids will help them to quell any fears they may have.

Frankie & Gloob

Frankie The Hippo is a fantastic mental health children's book. It teaches youngsters about their emotions while emphasizing that it is ok to feel however they are feeling. 

Frankie the hippo enjoys rock-climbing and having dance competitions with buddies. However, Frankie is occasionally visited by their sad monster, "Gloob."

Frankie & Gloob teaches children what Frankie does when Gloob appears. Thus, Frankie & Gloob is the ideal book for each youngster who has his or her own sad monster. This book about childhood depression can help youngsters overcome their blue feelings. 

With this, we came to an end with the list of the best mental health books for kids. Although there are ample early reader books for mental wellness, these books demonstrate creativity and imagination that will catch your child's eye. 

Now, we will see what makes an early reader book a good book.

What Makes An Early Reader Book A Good Book?

With so many options, selecting the appropriate early reader books for mental health might appear intimidating, if not impossible. So, what constitutes an excellent easy reader book?

Every book on your shelf is not always the most exciting item. As parents or teachers, you might have bought plenty of them from bargain retailers, only to have your kids blow through them and refuse to take them up again. They were just too dull.

Writing an excellent early reader is a skill. The words must be straightforward, repeated, and easy to understand while still capturing the reader's attention. That is why young readers have so many character-driven books and series. The characters in such mental health children's books assure that children will read them. 

Final Words 

After reading this, you may have gotten the idea that reading early reader books for mental health is a great strategy to achieve a healthy mind. So, why wait? Grab these books from Silver Lining Stuffies if you want your child to have a sound mind. Further, we feel it's essential for children to see themselves reflected in the stories they read and listen to, whether it's ethnicity, family situations, or mental health.

While Silver Lining Stuffies is in no way a replacement for professional treatment, we do provide important coping tactics within our set of mental health resources for children – featuring mindfulness for children, relaxation techniques for kids, books for overactive kids, books on how to deal with anxiety and books on childhood depression - all of them being growth mindset books for kids. Reading these books together with children can teach them how to cope when anxiety, ADHD, and depression get the best of them and be valuable techniques they can use throughout their life – as the best mental health books should provide.