Finding Mental Health Resources For Kids

Good mental health is the basis of a happy life. Find mental health resources for children to help your child have a healthy mindset.

When your kid shows symptoms of mental illness, it can be challenging to know who to approach first. After all, it isn't always easy to talk to your friends and family about your child's mental health concerns. But you are not alone. Mental health conditions in children are more common than you may imagine. Approximately 1 in every 6 kids will develop a mental health condition before they are 8 years old. So, many other parents are going through the same thing as you are. And there is a network of mental health resources that can assist you. 

To help your child achieve mental wellness, we are covering the following topics regarding mental health resources for kids in this blog: 

  • Things You Should Consider While Choosing The Mental Health Resources For Kids
  • Mental Health Resources List
  • Names Of The Best Mental Health Books For Kids 

Let's begin! 

Things You Should Consider While Choosing Mental Health Resources For Kids

Consider the following aspects when deciding between different types of mental health resources for children:

Consider Who You're Looking For

Most mental health therapists handle a wide range of issues, but one with a distinct specialization may be better suited to your requirements. For example, if your child has an eating disorder, you may need to consult a psychologist specializing in that area. The more severe the symptoms or, the more complicated the diagnosis is, the more knowledge and training you should seek regarding mental health resources for kids.

Whether Your Child Requires Medicine, Therapy, Or Both

The next decision to make while selecting mental health resources for children is whether your child needs medicine or therapy. Some mental health professionals are not authorized to provide drugs. As a result, your decision may be influenced partly by the severity of your child's symptoms. They may require the services of more than one mental health professional. Further, they might need to see a psychiatrist to manage their prescriptions and a psychologist or another mental health specialist for therapy. 

Ask Questions

This is the most crucial thing to do while choosing mental health resources for kids. Ask as many questions as you need. Don't be afraid to admit that you're looking for long-term assistance. Here are some queries you might want to consider:

Do you feel comfortable with this person? The most crucial aspect is if your child can work well with them. Personal questions posed by a mental health professional may sometimes make your child uncomfortable, but the individual should not. Your child should know that this person is on their side.

Create A Relationship

The first person you see may not "feel right" or lack experience with your child's mental health problem. Continue looking for the following phone number on your list.

Remember that you're assembling a team of people who will assist your child in the long run. With a bit of patience, you'll discover individuals who will listen to you, consider your viewpoint, and collaborate with you to increase your sense of well-being.

And if you do not want to go through the hassle of finding the perfect therapist for your child, it is time to look at the mental health resources list

Mental Health Resources List

The following is a collection of several mental health resources for children that will assist your child in overcoming the obstacles of mental health conditions.

Child Mind Institute- Best Mental Health Resource For Kids

The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders by giving them the help they need to thrive.

Further, they are the top independent nonprofit institute for children's mental health. Their three Mission Areas collaborate for a more significant impact: Care, Education, and Science.

I Don't Mind: Ask a Therapist

I Don't Mind is a network of mental health resources for kids. You can find tons of questions asked by both caretakers and people struggling with mental health on the Ask a Therapist page, organized according to condition. If you don't find the question you're searching for, you may post one and get an answer from a real therapist.

This website aims to help individuals apply Gabriele Oettingen's research on goal-setting and overcoming obstacles.

Mental Health America

Contains screening tools, treatment information, DIY tools, groups to join, and other resources are available here. 

Mona Delahooke, Ph. D.

Mona Delahooke, Ph. D., is a child psychologist who assists children with behavioral issues and developmental hardships. Her website includes videos, blogs, training, podcasts, and a purchase link for her book, Beyond Behaviors (one of the best mental health books). 


"GoZen! develops online social and emotional learning programs popular with children 6 to 15, professionals, parents, and schools." In 2021, their goal was to reach 1 million youngsters with the ability to change stress, worry, anxiety, wrath, negativity, and social anxiety into POWER!"

This is all for the mental health resources list. But besides these specialists, we have one more way to teach your child how to deal with anxiety and other mental health problems. These are the best mental health books for kids. Such books are easy reader books, which your kid can effortlessly understand. The names of the best mental health books for kids are mentioned below: 

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